Lifelong Learner


Throwback Thursday to 2010

Hanging with my boys at the falls Wow, 7 years ago! It was a great trip with the boys to the falls. Sometimes I miss my hair being this short. It was so much easier to fix. Not sure how it would look if I tried to wear it curly this way, though.  #ThrowbackThursday #HairProblems   #LoveMyBoys   #IMissThemBeingLittle

Love ALL people unconditionally!

Discovered this gem while doing day one of my Miracle Morning. As I was reading it I got tears in my eyes because it reaffirmed the impact I have on the people I encounter every day. Relationships are so very important to me. It has always been my desire to help others and inspire them in any way I can. I want my impact to always be positive!  YOU matter to me and to your friends and family. Don't ever forget that!  #WhatValueAreYouAdding #MiracleMorning #TMM #Level10 #HalElrod #Relationships

Going with my gut feeling....

I have been doing a lot of internal reflection the past month or so. Okay, this is actually something I constantly do as an INFJ, but lately, I’ve been getting more serious with my intentions. Internally I am very motivated and clear with what my body and mind need but externally I have had some difficulty applying those nuggets of truth. I KNOW I need to eat healthier and get more exercise. When I don’t I can tell, and not just in weight gain. Although at 40, it seems to creep higher much easier and faster. My joints ache more often, my brain seems foggier, my gut gets all out of whack, my skin isn’t what I want it to be, etc. I feel at times like my body I rebelling against me and I DO NOT like it. At what point do you say enough is enough and get tough with yourself? I am sure that point is different for everyone but I know I have reached that point again in my life. Yes, I said “again.” I have been there before. I am sure someone can relate to that. You get fed up. You

Blogging/Social Media Burnout

I can't be the only one who goes through spells where they don't want to share anything online?! It's not that I am against sharing, rather I think it is more the process of having to go in and type something. What do I type today? Should I type today? What should I share? Is this worth sharing? These are some of the things that go through my head on a daily basis and I don't like that. It feels forced and that's totally not cool with me. Perhaps it would be different if I knew the content was relevant and needed by the people reading it. I know it takes time to get followers/readers but I like interacting with others. If this is not a two-way street then it doesn't hold much worth for me. I want to get to know others. Tell me if you think something I say is crap or awesome. Either way, I'm good. You may or may not hear from me for a while on here, as you have already been able to see. I just felt like I should say why, and I'm not even sure why I feel


I wanted to share our GISHWHES album with everyone. I had such a fabulous time during that one week and am eager for whatever Misha has in store for us next year. I hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed being a part of this crazy adventure.